DIY Dream catcher.


For some reason I’ve become obsessed with dream catchers lately and I really want to try and do my own, so I’ve found a picture on Pinterest for one that I want to make. So I thought I’d share it with you, there are of course so many more ways of doing it than this one, but it’s my favorite.


Getting back in the blogging saddle.


I’m sorry I haven’t been posting in like forever. I’m still getting used to this whole blogging thing, plus, my summer has been so extremely busy I just haven’t had the time to post anything. I have been away a lot as well as working. Now that the next semester of school has started I’ll hopefully have more time to post things. Now that fall is just around the corner there will be a lot of fall fashion on this blog, everything from nails, to hair and DIY projects that I want to take on. I hope someone will still be interested in reading this blog, it would mean so incredibly much to me.




Lots of love